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Bucket List holds health camps, group sessions & individually focused conversations to ensure a child’s overall healthy functioning.


We work on getting children enrolled into school & keeping them there by providing constant & complete support in academics.


We use sports to build lifeskills like team work, interpersonal skills & a very healthy outlet for negative energies.


Bucket List, through words as well as actions, ensures awareness & practice of rights of disadvantaged children.


Bucket List utilises both visual & performing arts to give children a sense of freedom in expressing emotions & thoughts.

Bucket List

Bucket Lists are not about finances, it’s a clear reflection of how big does one dare to dream. What is the reach of one’s imagination, confidence & willingness. It is these qualities that we intend to develop by finding Genies for these little ones.


You can transform lives of hundreds of street children today by donating. No amount is too small or big. Every penny of your support will go into saving someone’s childhood.

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E2, First Floor, Church Compound

Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi-110025