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The Explosive Combination of Child Labour and Rag Picking

Let’s start with how we define ‘Volunteering’: Volunteering in general is defined as the act of contributing services by free will towards a wider gain of community and without any expectations of monetary profits. The above mentioned services can be rendered by an individual, group or an institute and may branch out to an array of responsibilities. Along with building a stronger, safer and harmonic community, volunteering has several positive effects on an individual himself. We’re listing down a few of them here – let’s see if they can send you over to our registration page.

  1. Helps you step out of your comfort zone – Sometimes that’s all you want to do – Step out of the familiar and comfortable cushion of routine you’ve built around yourself. To explore new dimensions, see what more you could do, things you might be good at, or vice-versa. Because once in a while you feel claustrophobic in your own life and just want to step out for a breath of fresh air. Volunteering gives you that opportunity, to take a break.
  2. Make new friends – This should be reason enough for you to go right ahead and join a volunteer programme. You can be sure to meet kind, like-minded and good-natured people at these projects. There’s no such thing as ‘too many friends’, you can never have enough!
  3. Network building – Volunteering with an NPO connects you to a wide range of professionals, industries, businesses and organisations. This will most definitely assist you in building a network and connections through both social and professional sectors. The amount of exposure you receive as a volunteer is unparalleled.
  4. New experiences and perspective – Volunteering pushes you into unfamiliar arenas and unfamiliar settings are the birthing ground for novel experiences. The very same experiences bring you lessons, teach you new skills, build your confidence and help you grow as a person. In addition, these experiences are accompanied with a fresh outlook. As a volunteer you are exposed to sections of community you may have paid no heed to before. Seeing life as they do, might give you a whole new point of view. And as a lot of us already know, a fresh viewpoint can be life-altering.
  5. Make a difference – The most obvious and perhaps the most compelling of all the reasons to be a volunteer. Volunteering is one of the few efforts that show you immediate results. You can’t imagine the satisfaction of seeing the smile on a child’s face who can’t afford school when you take him/her to a classroom. That’s when you know you are making a difference, doing your bit. It quite literally swells your heart up.
  6. The feel-good factor – Yes some might interpret this as slightly selfish, but we believe it’s as humane an emotion as any other. You can’t help but feel better about yourself when you make a difference. How can you not feel fantastic knowing you have what you do and more importantly, can and want to share it with the less fortunate?
  7. It’s fun – All the friends you’ll make, all the children you’ll work for and with, new places and experiences will together make this journey exciting and thrilling.

So these were all the major impacts volunteering can have, with examples of a child welfare oriented organisation. Give us a small part of your time, energy and efforts and watch all these outcomes become your reality.


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