Sports for all

Streets To Field

Under this program, we create a space for the children to use their vigour and passion in sports rather than getting involved in unhealthy practices as an outlet of negative emotions or thoughts.These vulnerable kids from underprivileged parts of Delhi, developed skills like communication, problem solving and self discipline, that allow them to work together in teams, build sports ethics.
Life skills inculcated through sports can play a vital role in such situations by making up for the lack of confidence, focus and support in the lives of these children.
Numerous positive developmental indicators have been associated with sport participation, including improved self-esteem, emotional regulation, problem-solving, goal attainment, social skills, and academic performance.

Twice A Week

Under, Streets to Field, training sessions are held twice every week and approximately 60 children participate in each. These sessions are conducted at "Jasola District Park" on Saturdays and Sundays.

Health & Nutrition

Every session is followed by a short class on nutrition and health which teaches children to not lose focus even outside the field.

How it helps

Every session is based on a particular life skill such as teamwork, support, field ethics and the like. This is so that the sessions go beyond professional sports training and help children tackle general life problems as well.

Counselling Sessions

Their parents are also invited to a counselling session, which focuses on awareness building in terms of the importance of sports, availability of scholarships and career opportunities in the field.

How it started

The first five practice sessions were held in the Delhi Hurricanes ground in order to boost the confidence of children as well as their parents. With the progress of the project, we plan to hold such sessions once every month.

Our Project Lead

Saif, the project lead, started his journey as a volunteer at BucketList and went on to initiate Streets to Field as his own project under the organisation.