Raising A Reader

What is a childhood without stories? Stories have the power of imagination and creativity. Each story has the power to challenge our notions, beliefs and surprise us in the way we least expected. They can develop or change perspectives. Stories aren’t merely a play of words but the stepping stones for our imagination. We often tend to relate ourselves to a character in a story we heard or a movie that we watched at some point in life. That’s how we feel closer to some stories than we do to others.

Our brain proves to be an organ that retains our previous experience and facilitates the reproduction of this ability to imagine. If the brain’s activity was limited to retaining past experiences, our ability to adapt would be confined primarily to familiar, stable conditions of the environment. It is imagination that helps a child in the development of certain skills in their subconscious which helps them cope with difficult situations later in life. Stories also help develop creativity in individuals.

Raising A Reader strives to give children the gift of reading by aiming to instill reading habits in children. Needless to say, stories are a great way to spark imagination and creativity in children. R.A.R. is 3 year intervention which will aim to develop elementary level reading and writing skills (English and Hindi). Along with the development of the abovementioned skills, it also works on development of abilities of leadership, teamwork and healthy interpersonal relationships. It also touches upon awareness towards heritage, environment and animal rights.

The curriculum includes development of basic elementary level skills of identification of words & letters, and henceforth of reading and writing. It gives priority to the introduction of learning abilities in children through means of rhymes, poems and other oral exercises as well.

Twice A Week

Under, Streets to Field, training sessions are held twice every week and approximately 60 children participate in each. These sessions are conducted at "Jasola District Park" on Saturdays and Sundays.

Health & Nutrition

Every session is followed by a short class on nutrition and health which teaches children to not lose focus even outside the field.

How it helps

Every session is based on a particular life skill such as teamwork, support, field ethics and the like. This is so that the sessions go beyond professional sports training and help children tackle general life problems as well.

Counselling Sessions

Their parents are also invited to a counselling session, which focuses on awareness building in terms of the importance of sports, availability of scholarships and career opportunities in the field.

How it started

The first five practice sessions were held in the Delhi Hurricanes ground in order to boost the confidence of children as well as their parents. With the progress of the project, we plan to hold such sessions once every month.

Our Project Lead

Saif, the project lead, started his journey as a volunteer at BucketList and went on to initiate Streets to Field as his own project under the organisation.