Genie In A Bucket

What is a wish? Just a four letter word used in storybooks and poems? If you really think about it, you will discover that there is much more to it than just idle dreaming.

Reminisce your earliest wishes- a Barbie, Xbox or perhaps a new dress? Now imagine if none of your wishes ever came true - no matter how hard you prayed for it, learnt the right lessons or behaved well. A situation like that would’ve given birth to emotions like anger, hopelessness and disappointment that would’ve led you to simply never wish again. The fact that you got most, if not all, of your wishes is why today you dare to dream big.

Now try to place all of the above in a street child’s life. A childhood where there is so much to wish for but such little to really receive. As you can imagine, with time these children become comfortable with the idea of never growing as people or achieving something beyond their immediate reach. Unfortunately, they grow up with detrimental thoughts like “What’s the point of studying and learning”, “I am good at begging and I should stick to it” thereby making them too self demeaning to even absorb unconditional offerings.

This thought is what Bucket List’s dearest program - Genie In A Bucket - is designed around. We try to find a way to grant them their most innocent wishes. Wishes that will bring no real change to their lives but give birth to a small ray of hope and correspondingly a want to fulfil them.

Under this program, we encourage people to come forward and grant one innocent wish of a child every annual quarter. We look at it as an opportunity for them to peep into the life of a street child and connect with them at a humane level.

You never know, the one little wish you grant today, might cause a ripple effect and change a child’s life forever.

How it helps

As we all know, aspirations are seeds to fruits of success and achievements. Granting innocent little wishes does just that - gives these kids the motivation to aspire.

How it Started

We ticked off the first wish in September 16' by celebrating Kishan's birthday. 8 at the time, his wish was to have someone bring him a birthday cake, when he didn't even know where on the calendar it fell.

Volunteer Lead

This program is handled solely by our amazing group of core volunteers. A team of fantastic 5 who take care of everything, from finding a Genie to organising and executing the event.


A Genie in A Bucket tradition - Every Christmas we ask the children to make a wish and whisper it in Santa's ear. For the rest of the year, our huge group of volunteers find people who would like to help us tick of these innocent little wishes by next year.

The Bridge

This particular program builds 2 kinds of bridges in Bucket List. One between the society & the much ignored section and another between Bucket List & our large pool of volunteers.

Be A Genie!

You can find these wishes on all our social media handles every quarter. We urge you to come forward and become someone's Genie. Not only to give a child a sense of hope, but to also give yourself a sense of satisfaction.