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As defined by UNCRC, child rights are basic rights that every individual under the age of 18 is entitled to, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, nationality, gender, socio-economic status, disability or any other criteria.

Child rights are specifically defined as until a certain age, legal adulthood age in respective countries, every child and adolescent is dependent on her family, system and the government system. It is these rights and entitlements that ensure that each child gets what she deserves.Child rights are broadly divided in the following categories to summarise the basic needs of a child:

1. Right to survival.

2. Right to protection.

3. Right to development.

4. Right to participation.

Humans, of all ages have a mind of their own and the right to environment and facilities that support optimal and complete development of body as well as mind.

How do we go about it?

Under this very vertical, we have so far run 2 very successful campaigns in the past years.

With one campaign revolving around spreading awareness of child rights among the masses and another focusing on spreading awareness as well as exercise of Right to Education (RTE) Act of India, Bucket List took a major leap into the arena of child rights. While we had worked on child rights awareness in the past too, this campaign took us a step ahead with us very actively working on advocacy, and on ground action.

Eventually, Bucket List intends to be working towards an overall development of the communities we work with, in terms of every individual conscious of his and her rights and how to provide them to oneself as well as to someone in need.

We want to support communities of our society in becoming a family where no one is stripped off their basic human rights, irrespective class, colour, gender, wealth or vulnerability.

But is declaration of rights enough?

Can a child go to school if she has no clue that it’s free and no one can stop her from doing so? Can a child survive just because the country has a law declaring it? Obviously not.

For a child to exercise her rights, what she needs first and foremost is awareness. Not just her own, but more importantly - that of her surroundings. Until & unless her family knows about the ways they might be stripping the child of her rights or the many ways of exercising, and in turn benefitting through, the rights - a child will never reap the results of lawmakers’ efforts.

Consequently, a wholesome benefit of rights only comes when there is the perfect balance of awareness and implementation of rights.

The closer you come to ground reality, the more you realise the gigantic gap between idealistic concepts and their realistic applications. It was this saddening realisation that motivated Bucket List to actively work on rights of children.

RTE Rally 2018

Here is a quick recap of how the Right To Education rally went by.

Help us sustain our efforts and make sure that this vertical runs effectively. Whatever you donate today, big or small, might give a child a better tomorrow, everyday, for years to come.


You can transform lives of hundreds of street children today by donating. No amount is too small or big. Every penny of your support will go into saving someone’s childhood.

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