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Education gives a child an equal chance at opportunities that can not just change her own life, but also that of the generations to come.

The education vertical strives to give children the gift of reading by instilling reading habits in them. Along with the development of the above mentioned skills, it also works on development of abilities of leadership, teamwork and healthy interpersonal relationships. In addition to that, it touches upon awareness towards heritage, environment and animal rights.

Our curriculum also gives priority to the introduction of learning abilities in children through means of rhymes, poems and other oral exercises.

Our curriculum includes development of basic elementary level skills of identification of words & letters, and henceforth of reading and writing.

And then there are stories!

What is a childhood without stories? Stories have the power of imagination and creativity. Each story has the power to challenge our notions, beliefs and surprise us in the way we least expected. They can develop or change perspectives. Stories aren’t merely a play of words but the stepping stones for our imagination. We often tend to relate ourselves to a character in a story we heard or a movie that we watched at some point in life. That’s how we feel closer to some stories than we do to others.

Our brain proves to be an organ that retains our previous experience and facilitates the reproduction of this ability to imagine. If the brain’s activity was limited to retaining past experiences, our ability to adapt would be confined primarily to familiar, stable conditions of the environment. It is imagination that helps a child in the development of certain skills in their subconscious which helps them cope with difficult situations later in life.

Stories don’t just fuel imagination. They also help develop creativity in individuals. It is this ability that helps human beings in being oriented towards the future. It is in this strive towards creating the future that individuals end up altering his/her own present. Every new initiative or invention, before it is implemented, survives and is held together through creativity and imagination.

But is it enough to have great creativity which sparks up every time someone reads you a story? We think not. It is just as important, if not more so, to possess the ability to read & write for oneself. Without the ability to read anything that might help us grow & learn and write exactly what is required or intended to, one’s growth will forever be stunted.

But what about School, you ask?

The scope of this vertical is not confined by merely imparting the gift of education. Bucket List also understands & accepts the worldly requirement of possessing degrees & certificates. Which is why, we also ensure constant focus on institutionalising a bucketeer’s knowledge. We help & support children & adolescents enrol & sustain in schools & colleges.

With this very focus, we run regular School Admission Drives that help every eligible child enrol into school with the power of Right to Education Act of the Indian Constitution.

This year we took it upon ourselves to send all our eligible children to school under “School Admission Drive”. The weapon we are working with to reach our aim is Right to Education Act (RTE).

The campaign not only aimed at enrolling our children into a formal school, but also focused on spreading awareness of RTE, amongst our & neighbouring communities, and through our thousands of followers online.

Milestones reached:

  • An on-ground rally was conducted to ensure the participation of neighbouring communities - with overwhelming response & action.

  • About 30 adhaar cards were procured in support with Salaam Baalak & NCPCR.

  • We reached our entire target number, not one less.

  • Today, every child living under Jasola flyover and below the age of 14 is going to school.

  • To give them a support system that will help them bridge the gap between them their classmates, we have begun carefully designed remedial classes.

  • Continuous counselling is done for the parents.

School Admission Drive 2018

Here is a quick recap of how the school admission drive went by.

Help us sustain our educational efforts and make sure that this vertical runs effectively. Whatever you donate today, big or small, might give a child a better tomorrow, everyday, for years to come.


You can transform lives of hundreds of street children today by donating. No amount is too small or big. Every penny of your support will go into saving someone’s childhood.

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