Bucketful of Skills

We utilise mediums of art, craft, performing arts and storytelling to enhance interpersonal and psychosocial competencies as part of this Life Skills focused program . Having such mediums work perfectly as they are all exciting, inclusive, motivating, inspiring and skill enhancing at the same time.
For some kids dealing with new situations or ways of doing things can cause fear and anxiety. This anxiety and resistance to new things can become an obstacle to learning and developing. Art and storytelling can be a place for kids to be successful, expressive and imaginative. The confidence, expression and imagination developed can then be transferred to other areas of life.

Life skills can assist a child grow into a confident and responsible citizen as it enables them to manage challenges and risks, maximise opportunities, and solve problems in cooperative ways, thereby developing psychosocial competency. This helps young people develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and teaches them to interact with others constructively and effectively.

The primary goal of Bucketful of Skills is to nurture confident, well-grounded decision makers. We also aim for them to become critical thinkers and be able to create for themselves a healthy support system and build meaningful and positive relationships.

In an environment prone to deviance, violence and substance abuse, it isn’t uncommon for children to fall prey to harmful habits. As such, it becomes imperative that they should have access to right mediums to channelise their energies and aggression. It is no secret that children respond more to stories, imagery and play. At Bucket List, we wish to work on the life skills of these children through mediums that these children respond to the most, or in other words, craft, fine art, performing and visual arts and storytelling. The annual program includes sessions, activities and workshops to learn, adopt and practice each life skill.

We believe careful observation can reflect significant change in a child’s behaviour and countenance. To witness the magic take place right in front of your eyes, come join us on the field sometime!

How It Started

The program started in March, 2016 at our Jasola learning centre with 3 month intervention that focused on lifeskill development through games & activities.

How It Helps

Bucketful of Skills is based on our approach of experiential learning over theoretical one. We expose the pupils to settings & situations that allow them to learn lifeskills under directed guidance of our team.

Value Addition

The design of this program is such that ensures that the beneficiaries, primarily building lifeskills, also practice skills like acting, dancing and learn fine art & craft as well.

Counselling Sessions

Their parents are also invited to a counselling session, which focuses on awareness building in terms of the importance of sports, availability of scholarships and career opportunities in the field.


So far over a 100 individuals have been directly affected through Bucketful of Skills.

Join the Party!

If you feel like you have a skill that you would like to share with our ever-eager-to-learn children, then reach us! Let us know what it is that you would like to do and we will be happy to plan it out with you.