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How it started

Bucket List was a result of the friendship of its founders. Its conception was not by chance but came about from their diverse experiences in the field of social work. Occasional off-hand conversations with street children and adolescents were soon turned into deliberate interactions, which motivated us to give this initiative a more structured direction.

We started working with 4 children in Jasola in April 2015 and have expanded to about 70 children in the areas of Madanpur Khadar, New Friends Colony and Nizamuddin Basti. Along with the number of beneficiaries, our staff has also increased from 3 to 7 members. We have a team of 60 volunteers which is managed by a core team of 6 volunteers.

In an environment prone to deviance, violence and substance abuse, it isn’t uncommon for children to fall prey to harmful habits. As such, it becomes imperative that they should have access to right mediums to channelise their energies. At Bucket List, we wish to work on their life skills through stories, visual arts, creative arts and sports; and open up to them a platform to explore their interests.

“Life Skills” as a term has been widely discussed and realised by many organisations such as UNICEF, WHO etc, working with and for children and adolescents. Life Skills is an elastic concept that can be identified under “psycho-social” abilities. However, WHO, through Delphi Method, identifies the following as some of the important Life skills:
> Decision making
> Problem solving
> Creative thinking/lateral thinking
> Critical thinking/perspicacity
> Effective communication
> Interpersonal relationships
> Self-awareness/mindfulness
> Assertiveness
> Empathy
> Equanimity
> Coping with stress, trauma and loss
> Resilience

These skills can assist a child grow into a confident and responsible citizen as it enables them to manage challenges and risks, maximize opportunities, and solve problems in cooperative ways, thereby developing psychosocial competency.

Bucket List engages with children in a long and sustained manner by laying great stress on relationship building through interactions. We are able to achieve this by understanding and assessing the socio-economic and cultural context of every community we work with. Our curriculum is based on a pilot run, that we did in 2015-16, with street kids in Jasola community. It was where we explored the interests of the children and chose creative arts sports as a medium of working with street children.

In 2015, 12 year old Vineeta came out with flying colours during her performance of our first launch and fundraising event, Tell-A-Tale. Vineeta has a lisp but once she was on the stage it was gone! It was wonderful to witness the confidence that performing arts brings out in these children. This, of course, is one of the many instances that we keep witnessing during our daily experiences with the kids and we wish to touch many more lives in the course of this eventful journey.

Bucket List aims to raise changemakers who have had the opportunity to explore their interests, pursue their creativity and build honest relationships. We encourage critical thinking and participative dialoguing in order to give them the tools to question the hearsays around them and come out as conscious decision makers.


A world where children are equipped with the skills and abilities to reach their full potential.


Our annual event that is designed to bring all our children together and give them a platform to practice & exhibit all that they have absorbed around the year.


Bucket List is an initiative that works with children and adolescents through creative mediums of arts, storytelling and sports to enhance their mental, physical and social well being.

Areas we work in

Delhi - Jasola, Madanpur, Khadar, Nizamuddin Basti | Uttar Pradesh - District Fatehpur

Changelooms Fellowship

Members of our team were selected for the very prestigious fellowship in the year 2016-17. The incubation program supported us in terms of intensive mentoring as well as seed funding.

Journey So Far

We began working in August 15 under the Jasola-Sarita Vihar flyover with 4 kids. Started from just a team of 3, we are now a 7 member team, with over 100 volunteers & nearly 500 effected kids, adolescents & young adults.

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